Thursday, January 26, 2023

Ubud Safe Storage

 Ubud Safe Storage help your holiday become more pleasant and enjoyable.
We provide storage for any luggage or purchase that unnecessary to be carried anywhere you go during your holiday. Bring what you need only, leave unnecessary items with us ! We will take care of it.

We have been experienced over 20 years, we guarantee that your luggage will be safe from anything can be happened like theft, damage, being wet etc. 
We also provide pick-up and delivery service aroun Bali island.
Please contact us via WhatsApp at +62816579994 to get our service !

Prices to store lugagae daily  :
 - Minimum rate per suitcase, back-pack, bag or box ; small, medium or big size up to 25kg = IDR.50.000
 - 2 medium size up to 30kg  = IDR.75.000 
 - 3 medium size up to 45kg  = IDR.100.000
 - 2 small size up to 20kg .... =  IDR.50.000
 - 3 small size up to 30kg .... =  IDR.75.000
Pick-up or delivery service costs depend on the area approximately IDR.100.000 around Ubud town.
Delivery service to the Airport, Kuta, Seminyak cost IDR.350.000,- Sanur cost IDR.250.000 , also available to other areas.

Why choose us  ;  
              - Reliable
              - Safe
              - Easy 
              - Trustful
              - Reasonable price.

Terms and conditions :
   * We don't accept ;  
       - Illegal or dangerous goods like drugs, weapons, explosives, etc.
       - Pets or any other life animal.
       - Plants, fruit, food, drink or anything that can be spoiled.
   * Ubud Safe Storage ensure the luggage will be safe from being disturbed, opened or broken.
   * We are responsible for the quantity and quality of the case or cover of the luggage, but not the items inside as we don't check them.

Please book us via WhatsApp at +62816579994 !
Thank for using our service

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